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Hi, I'm Dr Ashok Reddy, Top Hair Transplant Surgeon in Hyderabad

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Dr Ashok is a leading hair transplantation surgeon in Hyderabad. He has a track record that is unique in its way as satisfied patients. 

Hair Care and Hair Products

We ‘ve been seeing from the past to present every human tries to modify his hair always not only it makes look pretty but all it builds self confidence. Everyone has different hair styles like it may be curly or it may be short or long we see no man is common and everyone tries to maintain his style of hairdressers. As hairs also reduces stress for example if we go out without hairs and it shows a difference like giving stress to mind and will be finding some changes in you without hairs .

Hairs also burs your extra fat, suggested by Dr Ashok’s hair transplant clinic Hyderabad, as they are grown by fat products to human body fat is required but limitedly if it get excess then it will show some other difficulties by making life uncomforted. Hairs boost yourself esteem and builds confidence within you. People obviously facing some or the other problems in keeping hairs strong and health and here are some healthy tips which you can manage your hairs.

Washout your hair with smooth PH balanced shampoos once in a week or a month because there we find lots of dust all around. Note: whenever you wash your hairs with conditioners and shampoos do not mix with hairs when hairs are dry. Get regular cuts and if possible try to change looks by which it changes your mood. If your relaxing at nights your can apply oils so that you can wash it when you’re taking bath. Protect your hairs with the acid rains and dusty areas like polluted with air or else by dust. Stay away always with the dust it may damage your hairs highly.

Dr Ashok known as best hair transplant surgeons in Hyderabad noted that hairs normally grow faster in the summer I mean hot whether so we have to maintain them so small because of sweat I mean salty water there may be  a chance of losing hairs quickly. To build healthy hairs you need to take a balanced diet all the way. Drink plenty of water be sure to take eight glasses of water a day.  Eat green and all colors of fruits which may be seasonal and regional. The fruits which are grown seasonally and regionally are rich in building immune system .so, it is better to have then regularly. They are very good sources of proteins and vitamins which are required t be healthy. And to manage your stress and healthy you can start ding meditation or else join yoga if possible where you will learn how to manage your body with brain . Yoga keeps your mind relaxed and active throughout the day. Eat citrus contained foods diet plays a major role in hair care. Also you start drinking milk if possible skimmed milk. Instead of going fatty foods regularly you can go with beans. 

Coming to hair care products there we finds lots of new products are in rise in days so it be practical with chemicals and make so less use of the chemical based products. Where it will reflect on hairs and you may lose hairs as a result scalp would go dry. Try t be natural with the hairs apply natural therapy whenever possible rather than going with the chemical based products.

When you find that your hairs is facing problems I mean losing hairs or any kind of hair issue do not take any other  suggestion g choosing a specialist or hair surgeon he /she is only can put a full stop to your hair problems.  Sleep also plays a role in healthy hairs so sleep completely for eight hours a day. This is how you can safeguard your hairs and health by following the above tips.

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